Blue Ribbon BBQ
About Us

Inspired by the classic roadside barbecue joints that dot the American South, Blue Ribbon offers the best of authentic Southern regional barbecue. All of our barbecue is cooked at low temperatures for long periods of time over oak and hickory hardwoods, producing moist, bold, flavorful meats. You'll feel as though you've been brought back to a lost version of America. Our barbecue is the result of passion-driven cooks who have spent years around the fire pits perfecting the meats. The same passion applies to the long list of side dishes and desserts, giving a grandma's kitchen flavor to the whole place. We share this experience with each guest and a simple nod of approval from a satisfied customer is what it's all about.

Our Corporate Staff
Chris Janowski
Ron Stoloff
(617) 244-2200 ext. 114
Scott Gubitose
Chef/General Manager
(617) 244-2200 ext. 312
Ken Ward
Director of Operations
(617) 244-2200 ext. 119
Leslie Pfeiffer
Catering Manager
(617) 244-7427 ext. 210
Juan Rodriguez
Manager, Commissary
(617) 244-2200 ext. 300
Jill Garza
Manager, West Newton
(617) 332-2583
Steve Pyle
Manager, Arlington
(781) 648-7427
Anthony Janowski, Matt Kinscherff
Managers, Dedham
(781) 312-2583
Join the Blue Ribbon Crew

We’re always looking for friendly, enthusiastic, motivated, and energetic individuals to join our team! Blue Ribbon is a fun, fast-paced, wonderful place to work. Please note that positions may not be available in all departments at this time.

  • Arlington - Restaurant Service Positions
  • Arlington - Restaurant Management Positions
  • Dedham - Restaurant Service Positions
  • Dedham - Restaurant Management Positions
  • West Newton - Restaurant Service Positions
  • West Newton - Restaurant Management Positions
  • Catering - Catering Specialist
  • Catering - Delivery Driver
  • Catering - Service Positions
  • Corporate
Please forward your resume, cover letter to and indicate which position(s) you are applying for. We look forward to you joining the Blue Ribbon Crew!

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