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BBQ Beef Short Ribs. "Hard to Get"

Posted on Thu, Mar 03, 2011
Blue Ribbon BBQ Beef RibsDon't blink or you'll miss out. For a limited time this weekend Blue Ribbon Barbecue of Newton and Arlington, Massachusetts offers the finest bbq beef short ribs. These ribs are custom cut from the thicker rib end.  They are rubbed generously with our sweet beef bbq rub, spiked with cracked black pepper. They are slow smoked over green Hickory, Oak and Maple logs in our J&R "Oiler" 1300. Real wood smoked barbeque is rare in New England. Beef bbq ribs are even harder to find. We serve all our platters with your choice of two side dishes and a big hunk of fresh baked cornbread. Don't forget the bottomless cup of sweet tea or homemade lemonade. These won't last long. "Get in Here and Eat"

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